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Alkaline-resistant fiberglass mesh
Alkaline-resistant fiberglass mesh is woven by fiberglass yarn as its basis fabric, then coated by alkaline resistant latex;
After surface treatment,this alkali-resistant mesh has fine alkaline-resistance and high strength, Water-resistance, alkali-resistance, flexibility, softness and resistance to aging;
It is widely used in reinforcing walls, natural marble, plaster board, artificial stone materials,exterior insulation finishing system and renovating building surface
Common specifications:
1/,Mesh size: 5x5mm ,4x5mm或4x4mm;
2/,Weight/㎡:80g- -160g;
4/,Width/roll:1m- -2 m;
5/,Colours:white(standard),blue,green or other colors;
5/,Standard packing and loading: 4rolls/cartons; 6rolls/cartons,A 20FCL can be loaded around 65000-70000m2 and a 40FCL can be loaded around 130000-140000m2
Strengthen Glass fiber (GRC)mesh
It is made from fiberglass woven roving as its basic materials and then is treated with alkali resistant macromolecule latex.It has good property of high tensile strength,alkali resistance,stable against alkaline materials.It is an ideal reinforced material for the cements and concrete products.
Common specifications:
1/,Mesh size: 8mmx8mm10x10mm,12x12mm;
2/,Weight/㎡:110g- -160g;
3/,Length/roll:50m,100m 或200m;
4/,Width/roll:1m- -2m;
5/,Colours:white(standard),blue,green or other colors;
6/,Packing: plastic bag each roll ,4 rolls a carton;or by pallet;
Fiberglass adhesive mesh
Fiberglass adhesive mesh is woven from fiberglass bulk yarn, then coated with anti-alkaline resin and gum solution.This mesh is very strong viscosity and self- adhesive, and used in various construction applications,esp,the EIFS(Exterios Insulation Finishing System);
Common specifications:
1/, Mesh size: 4x4mm/4x5mm/5x5mm;
2/, Weight/㎡:65g-200g;
3/, Width/roll:60 - 2,00cm;
4/, Length/roll: 20 - 500m;
5/,Color: white (standard), blue, yellow, etc;
6/, Packing: Shrank wrappedl each roll, 30 rolls per carton/ pallet or small cartons
Self-adhesive fiberglass mesh
Self-adhesive fiberglass mesh tape Self-adhesive fiberglass mesh tape is woven from fiberglass bulk yarn, then coated with anti-alkaline resin and gum solution,then it is cut using a special machine.
Common specifications:
1/, Mesh size: 2.85 x 2.85mm (9 x 9 mesh)/ 3.1x3.1mm;
2/, Weight/㎡:70g- -80g;
2/, Length/roll:45m,50m,90m 153m或200m;
3/, Width/roll:50mm或100mm;
5/, Color: white (standard), blue, yellow, etc;
Standard packing and loading: 24-72rolls/cartons;
Fiberglass insect screen
Chopped strand mat is a non-woven mat manufactured by spreading continuous filament rovings of 50mm in length randomly in combination with polyester binder in type powder or emulsion.
This product have excellent properties of resin impregration, easy mouldability, which is mainly for the applications by hand lay-up FRP mouldings such as various sheets and panels, boat hulls, bath tube, cooling towers, etc.
Common specifications:
1/,Mesh Size: 18x16/ 18x14/16x16/18x18/20x20/ 20x18/ 16x14/14x14/,etc,per one inch;
2/,Standard Color: black/ gray /white / light gray / green, etc;
3/,Standard width: 5"-84";
4/,Standard length: 24"/28"/ 30"/ 32"/36"/ 42"/48"/ 60"/66"/72"/78"/84", etc;
5/,Standard packing and loading: 6rolls/cartons; 8rolls/cartons; 10rolls/carons etc.;A 20FCL can be loaded around 65000-70000m2 and a 40FCL can be loaded around 130000-140000m2;
Coated fiberglass insect screen
Coated fiberglass insect screen is made of fiberglass under the process unifilar plastic-coating, plain weaving, and high temperature-fixing.
The product has characteristics of good aeration. eroding resistant and fireproofing, easy cleaning and flexible, long service life and feels soft etc, which is also with high lensile strength;
It is an ideal material used in industrial and agricultural building to prevent from fly, mosquito and small insect etc。
Common specifications:
1/,Weight /㎡: 200g/250g/300g/450g/600g,etc;
2/,Binder type: powder, emulsion;
3/,Roll width: 1.04m,1.27m, 2.08m;
4/,Roll weight: 30 kg or 35kg/roll;
5/,Packing: inner plastic bag and outer carton
Waterproof fabrich:
Feature: excellent infiltration, strong tension, antiweathering, it can conglutinate with resin very well.There won’t be any leakage or extension or drippings.It is the leading material for waterproof, in particular, in the building.SBS is the newest waterproof material, which is made from fiber recombination non woven.
Specification: 6x6 waterproof fabric, 120g recombination waterproof, 120g glass fiber reinforced plastic color waterproof fabric.
Glass fibre hot resistant enswathement fabric:
The glass fiber fabric is the hot resistant enswathement material of hot working pipeline and boiler after coating inorganic fence.
 To the demand of shielding, the appearance of the products is lubricity and cleanness, it possesses several capabilities, such as fireproof, flameproof, high temperature resistant, rewetting and excellence adhesive both dry and wet. it is harmless to people.
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